Griddle 1.0 Update

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Latest Version: 1.00.5 (Description)
Released On: Montag, Juli 23, 2018

Update Instructions

Quick Start for Griddle , BlockRanger , and Rhino

Griddle and BlockRanger are mesh generation tools which plug into the Rhino CAD system. Griddle and BlockRanger are only available for the Windows versions of Rhino 5 (64-bit) or Rhino 6 (only available in 64-bit). A single installer (Griddle_xxxx.msi) will install Griddle and BlockRanger products on your computer. Your license will determine which components are enabled. Rhino, the CAD system (installed separately from Griddle and BlockRanger), is used for constructing model geometry. Instructions are provided below to get started with Rhino, Griddle, and BlockRanger.

Installation (on a non-server machine)
  1. Download the Rhino version you purchased, Rhino 5 for Windows (64 bit) or Rhino 6 for Windows from Install your Rhino version by double clicking on the *.msi file you downloaded.
  2. Do not connect your Itasca hardware key to your computer until step 5.
  3. Download the Griddle installer (only available in a 64-bit Windows version) and double click on Griddle_xxxx.msi to install it.
  4. Reboot your machine.
  5. Connect your Itasca hardware key to the local computer (if a non-network key).
  6. From the Windows Start menu, find the Itasca group, Griddle 1.0, and click on the “Griddle 1.0 User Files” shortcut. This will move you into a directory with Rhino plugins that need to be installed.
  7. Double click on BlockRanger.rhi and follow the instructions, to install BlockRanger.
  8. Similarly, double click, each in turn, on Gint.rhi, GSurf.rhi, GVol.rhi, and G_NMExtract.rhi to install Griddle components.
  9. Open Rhino 5 (64-bit) or Rhino 6 and select rvb and rui files from the same directory as above and drag and drop these files into the Rhino viewport.
  10. You are done.
Installation (network key)

If a network key was purchased, follow these steps:

  1. Do not connect your network-version hardware key to your server computer until step 3.
  2. The server requires key server driver software to be installed which can be obtained from here: (download and install the latest Sentinel System Driver Installer).
  3. Connect your Griddle network-version hardware key to the server computer.
  4. Griddle should be installed on a network accessible workstation (not on the server) as described above (steps 1-10). To set up access to the server network key from the workstation, start Rhino on the workstation, and then select the GSurf icon or type _GSurf on the command line. A dialog box will appear which allows you to specify the server location (the machine with the Griddle key).


Griddle and BlockRanger are plug-ins for Rhinoceros CAD software. Rhino, sold separately, is required in order to use Griddle and BlockRanger. Itasca is an authorized OEM reseller of Rhino.

Griddle and BlockRanger require a license key to run with full functionality enabled. A license key can be obtained by contacting A Griddle license automatically includes a full access to BlockRanger. BlockRanger can also be purchased separately from Griddle. A BlockRanger license does not allow access to Griddle functionality. BlockRanger will also work with a FLAC3D v6.0 or a 3DEC v5.2 license key. If a license key is not present, Griddle and BlockRanger will operate in a demonstration mode. In demonstration mode, the Griddle surface remesher and volume mesher output a maximum of 600 surface or volume elements respectively. The Griddle surface mesh intersector does not operate in a demonstration mode. BlockRanger will only output VRML format in demonstration mode.

Griddle 1.0 64-bit Update

Software Update Revisions

Revision Date Description
5 Juli 23, 2018
  • Security libraries have been updated to work with Windows 10 Version 1803.
2 März 7, 2018
  • Griddle and BlockRanger plug-ins for Rhino 6 were added to the installer. This installer contains Griddle and BlockRanger plug-ins for Rhino 5 and Rhino 6.
1 Apr. 3, 2017
  • Traces of problem areas found by the Griddle volume mesher are outlined graphically and placed in their own layer.
  • Intersecting faces can now easily be located using a new option of the Griddle mesh intersector. Intersections are shown graphically instead of relying on Rhino’s mesh repair report which only indicates the total number of intersections that have been found.
  • Extraction of intersecting meshes is now much easier with Griddle's non-manifold extract plugin.
  • Griddle and BlockRanger now have a file Save As dialog instead of a fixed output file name.

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