Benefits of Computational Modeling for Geotechnical Engineers

Benefits of Computational Modeling for Geotechnical Engineers

Itasca Consulting Group is pleased to have contributed to this Transportation Research Board (TRB) webinar series, along with Derrick Dasenbrock of the Minnesota Department of Transportation, on the Benefits of Computational Modeling for Geotechnical Engineers. The presentations discuss the benefits of applying numerical modeling compared to more traditional simplified approaches, which may not correctly model soil-structure interaction, potential multiple interacting failure mechanisms, and Service Limit State analysis. This series of videos describes some of the typical geotechnical design problems encountered by state departments of transportation and the use of numerical modeling for three engineering problems: (1) slope stability improvement; (2) earth support soil interaction and stability evaluation; and (3) column-supported embankment.

The presentation videos are available on-demand at no cost here or below: Upon presentation completion the next one will start automatically.

The slides can also be downloaded here:

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