PFC Symposium 2002

November 6-8, 2002
Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Numerical Modeling in Micromechanics Via Particle Methods: Proceedings of the First International PFC Symposium

Gelsenkirchen, Germany
6-8 November 2002
Heinz Konietzky, Editor

Code users who did not have the chance to attend the first PFC conference may want to consider obtaining a copy of the proceedings from this event.

These proceedings (as well as proceedings from earlier FLAC and PFC conferences) are available from Taylor & Francis Books. Taylor & Francis is one the richest resources in print when it comes to discussion of the application of Itasca codes.

2002, Taylor & Francis
ISBN 9789058095329
334 pages (250x135mm)
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Symposium Presentations CD now available for download. [230MB] [183MB]