FLAC Symposium 2001

October 29-31, 2001
Lyon, France

After the success of the first International FLAC Symposium, held in Minneapolis (USA) in September 1999, it was proposed to hold such a symposium every two years. Thus, the 2nd FLAC Symposium was being held in Lyon (France) from October 29th to October 31st, 2001. This event provided both long-standing and prospective FLAC & FLAC3D users with an opportunity to meet, and to share ideas and experiences; it also celebrated the 20th birthday of Itasca Consulting Group, Inc and the 10th birthday of its subsidiary in France, Itasca Consultants SA.

2001, Taylor & Francis.
ISBN 9789026518591.
432 pages (247x17 mm)

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Symposium Presentations available for download. flac2001.zip [202MB]