And More in 3DEC

Also New in 3DEC 5.2

  • Improvements to JOIN logic
  • Fishcall added to track changes in subcontact state (e.g., start of slipping)
  • Improved cell space logic, allows different number of cells in x, y and z directions
  • Added partial mass density scaling for rigid blocks
  • New fluid flow commands:
    • SET FLOW-EDGE_MIN – flow zones with an edge length less than FLOW_EDGE_MIN will be skipped in the flow calculations, thereby
      potentially increasing the timestep
    • SET FDTMAX – set maximum flow timestep size
  • New FISH functions:
    • fos returns factor of safety
    • tdelf returns fluid timestep
  • Fluid discharge boundary condition can now be given a history
  • Checkbox added in flow plane plot items to enable hiding of uncracked flow zones:
Uncracked flow zones: ON
Uncracked flow zones: OFF
  • Color blocks by excess shear stress or factor of safety for a given hypothetical set of joints
  • Mohr-Coulomb joint constitutive model is now included as a DLL file for free; the UDM option is not required to use it. This allows you to specify a different set of properties for every subcontact. Otherwise, there is a limit of 50 different Mohr-Coulomb joint sets of properties.

BlockRanger Included

BlockRanger is a fully interactive, volume mesh generation plug-in for the Rhinoceros 5.0 3D CAD system. BlockRanger converts Rhino 5 solids into blocks of high-quality hexahedral (brick) elements for use with most engineering analysis packages that require hexahedral meshing and a strict control of element quality, spatial distribution, and orientation. BlockRanger is included with the purchase of a 3DEC 5.2 license at no extra cost. A Rhinoceros 5.0 license is required in order to use this free plug-in.

3DEC Updates

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