InSite v3.15 Now Available

InSite-HF v3.15 Now Available

Itasca Consulting Ltd (ICL) is pleased to announce the latest releases of the InSite family of software. There are additional developments and feature enhancements across acquisition, processing, visualization and interpretation. The highlights in v3.15 include:

Visualisation of location confidence using uncertainty analysis

The calculation and visualisation of location uncertainty using posterior probability distribution (referred to as confidence isosurface) reveal the region with user specified confidence level and the uncertainties in arrival time picking, polarity analysis, and velocity model.

Detect weak signals using matched filter

The matched filter can detect/trigger weak signals that have similar pattern as the template. This triggering method is ideal to harvest weak and repetitive events.

Location of events without first arrival picks

This new function named as source scan allows the user to locate an event without manual picking. The source scan method is formulated as a global grid search method by evaluating the possibility of every grid in the search volume as the source position. The grid point that can maximize the stacked energy is considered the most likely source position. For computation efficiency Gaussian Particle Swarm Optimization is employed and the travel time for each grid point must be imported from a pre-calculated traveltime lookup table.

Generation of Super-stage for enhanced interpretation

A super stage can be created by combining multiple consecutive stages close in location. The main purpose is to enrich the catalogue for statistically robust analysis of the temporal-spatial pattern of microseismicity correlated with the repeated and thus similar treatment operations. The events are shifted toward the centroid and the treatment curve is averaged across multiple stages.

For new clients interested in purchasing the InSite software, please click on the link below to request a quotation.

Please note that for existing ICL clients currently subscribed to the annual maintenance and support program (AMSP), the new InSite release is available to download from the "Releases" page in the client area of the ICL website.

If you would like to renew your AMSP subscription for 2019 please contact us here (link sends e-mail).

Request a Quotation.

We are continuously working to optimise and enhance functionalities and performance of InSite for all applications. Your feedback on the current tools and suggestions for future developments that would improve your processing is always welcome and appreciated. Please send your comments to [email protected].

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