InSite HF-Features

InSite-HF Features

  • Real-time and off-line of microseismic event detection and processing.
  • Customized alarm system for rate or magnitude threshold exceedance.
  • Frac Manager Tool to guide users through the project setup, data acquisition and processing flow of a microseismic hydraulic fracturing project.
  • Manual or automatic processing of event data with range of sophisticated automatic arrival-picking, source location and source parameter algorithms.
  • Processing of MS events acquired through multiple synchronized aquisition systems.
  • Rotation of waveforms from triaxial or quadraxial instruments into ray coordinate systems and display of particle motions on hodogram plots.
  • Tool orientation from multiple calibration shots.
  • Graphical interface for manual and automatic calibration of velocity models using multiple calibration shots.
  • Display of color-density sonograms and polarisograms.
  • Ray-tracing algorithms with complex velocity structures to locate microseismic events within a 3D volume (including anisotropy).
  • Storage and management of event parameters and waveforms on a shared remote PC for easy access by multiple users managed with Microsoft's SQL server.
  • Display of the event locations in a 3D scene, allowing rotating, panning, magnifying and flying through the scene plus creation of hotplanes and 3D objects.
  • Advanced interpretation tools for charting; spatial and uncertainty analysis.
  • Analysis of array performance through the calculation of magnitude sensitivity, error space, location error and shadow space.
InSite-HF Updates

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