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Latest Version: 3.00.13 (Description)
Released On: Dienstag, Juli 31, 2018

Slope Model 3.00 64-bit Update

Software Update Revisions

Revision Date Description
13 Juli 31, 2018
  • GUI and security bug fixes.
12 Mai 22, 2018
  • Reset Displacement now also resets the gap.This fixes a bug where reloading a sample cut from a larger model would not work if the sample had regions that were failing in tension for a while and had large gaps.
11 Juli 27, 2017
  • Added ability to reset calibration test properties.
10 Juni 29, 2017
  • Flat joint peak strength archived.
9 Juni 23, 2017
  • Added option to reset flat joint peak strength via "Reset" dialog.
  • Flat joint material properties: added residual and peak strength.
8 Juni 5, 2017
  • Bug fix: few nodes at the bottom of the model were not properly marked as fixes fixed. Corner nodes now are marked fixed in the X and Y direction.
  • Bug fix on Flat Joint model with no fluid.
7 März 9, 2017
  • When running in command line mode, creates file named "cout.txt" in the current directory that contains a log created during the execution. The command line now has the following parameters: Usage: srmtools300_64 -in filename [-msg] [-srmlab]" Required parameters:
  • in filename specifies the configuration XML filename Optional parameters:
    • msg (display a dialog box at the end simulation with content of the file "cout.txt")
    • srmlab (run the srmlab option)
6 März 2, 2017
  • Code now can run from the command line: srmtools300_64 -in filename. The configuration file must have a set of batch steps defined and the last batch step must save the simulation.
  • Added export history to batch item.
5 Feb. 17, 2017
  • Bug fix in the flat joint model when used with variable resolution.
  • Added ability to specify a shear plate gap for the direct shear test .
4 Jan. 18, 2017
  • Bug fix: routine that imports MoFrac joints was not converting normal and shear stiffness from GPa/m to the code internal unit (Pa/m).
3 Jan. 12, 2017
  • Added capability to heal fractures via Reset Lattice dialog and batch mode.
  • Added ability to fixity plot item to display the faces where loads will be applied for calibration tests.
  • SRMLab:
    • Fixed Boundary Conditions for Direct Shear Test (X-fixity on left face).
  • Slope Model:
    • Added ability to trim the lattice and allow code to perform calibration tests.
2 Nov. 4, 2016
  • Internal release only
    • Fixed time step calculation and calibration parameters (for stiffness and strength) to allow use of the flat joint model with the regular lattice (non Voronoi).
    • The micro-crack counter will be set to a spring with flat joint contact when the first contact breaks and not when all contacts break.
    • Removed restriction on the code to allow the following (all) combinations of spring distribution and joint type:
      • Voronoi + Flat Joint
      • Voronoi + Linear Joint
      • Regular Lattice + Flat Joint
      • Regular Lattice + Linear Joint
1 Nov. 4, 2016
  • Modified the force-displacement function for flat-joint model. Also, adjusted calibration stiffness and strength parameters.
  • When Voronoi tessellation is set, automatically the flat joint model is also set.
0 Okt. 24, 2016
  • Version 3.0 released.
  • Code optimization for flat joint model.
  • Movie sampling interval is now being saved/restored to/from settings.
  • Default history sample interval set to 100.
  • Save/restore time step.
  • Fixed units for movie sampling interval.
  • Fixed microcracks plot item when flat joints is used.
  • Micro-crack reset counter behavior has changed: The increment for the spring microcrack counter will mark the last set of broken springs the highest count number (current counter). The first set of broken springs has counter equal to 1. Springs counter is market with a global counter whenever a spring is broken.
  • Changed range of valid values (0.01 to 1.1) for Flat Joint Radius Multiplier field.
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