PFC 7.00 Update

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Latest Version: 7.00.142 (Description)
Released On: Freitag, Okt. 1, 2021

Update Instructions

Download the update file to a convenient location and double-click on the file.

A Linux version is currently under development. To find out more about this, please contact our PFC development and support team.

Supplementary Files

For those interested in calibrating or simulating laboratory testing of rock core samples using PFC 6.0 or PFC 5.0, an updated version of FISHTank, now called Material Modeling Support, is available to download for free.

For those interested in the creation and triaxial testing of a synthetic unsaturated granular material containing geogrid using PFC3D 6.0 or PFC3D 5.0, the Pavement-Design Package, is available to download for free.

PFC 7.00 64-bit Update

Software Update Revisions

Revision Date Description
142 Okt. 1, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update security logic.
- Add a warning when importing a geometry and if the set already exists.
- Check if a model property is read-only when setting a property.
- Update of the anisotropic-ubiquitous model.
- FLAC3D Backward-support for separation so that it works even faces has been separated and without attach.
- FLAC3D property "strain-plastic" in Hoek-Brown model is now writable.
- 3DEC Add FISH function block.subcontact.near.list.
- 3DEC Add input to block contact tolerance command to also set tolerance for subcontacts.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix interactive ranges of rectangle, ellipse and polygon.
- FLAC3D Fix energy work.
- FLAC3D Fix the history of zone field data of unbalance force.
- FLAC3D Fix NMD determinism issue
- 3DEC Fix bug in function. Can now input a gp number greater than 3.
- 3DEC Fix minor bugs in sel-block linking.
- PFC Fix the joint scrolling

141 Aug. 14, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- FLAC3D Add hybrid structure.
- PFC Add a FISH intrinsic fracture.vertexlist intrinsic.
- PFC Add a FISH intrinsic fracture.decimate for disk shaped fractures.

Bug Fixes:
- Track down and repair a spurious FP overflow set when using ANGLE.
- Fix a crash if a GROUP range element in a plot was set to a slot that did not exist in the current model.
- FLAC3D Fixe a problem when apply conditions were created during cycling using command/endcommand.
- FLAC3D Fix keyword "multiply" work in zone.initialize.stress-principal command.
- FLAC3D Decrease the tolerance on the hit same point twice detection.
- FLAC3D Small fix to the zone.interface.node.initialize-stresses command.
- 3DEC Fixed bug in block.face.apply.velocity-normal for merged blocks.
- PFC Fix error messages and allow for the normal and shear displacement to be set.
- PFC Fix missing repeat block identifiers causing inline help issues.

140 Juli 24, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Add ability to merge coplanar fractures into convex fractures using a distance criteria.
- PFC Add the ability to use FISH lists as contact properties.
- PFC Add dipole example utilizing FISH lists.
- PFC Allow rigid block contacts to use the lineardipole model.
- PFC Add brick FISH intrinsics returning the brick extent bounds.

Bug Fixes:
- FLAC3D Fix the VARY keyword with apply conditions.
- 3DEC Fix bug in zone plot item.
- PFC Fix intrinsic when using clumped rigid blocks.
- PFC Fix rblock-rblock contact gap when long range interactions are used.
- PFC Fix velocity based timestep constraint for clumped rigid blocks.
- PFC Fix rigid block connectivity deletion bug for templates.
- PFC Reset the accumulated stress if there are no contact forces.
- PFC Fix 2D rigid block curvatures.
- PFC Fix thermal power accumulation bug.
- PFC Fix clumped piece intrinsic access bugs.
- PFC When copying rigid blocks also copy the surface properties.

139 Juli 10, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- PFC Version 7.00 has been moved from Pre-Release to Release state.
- PFC Document the linear dipole contact model.
- PFC Add verification for spring network and linear dipole models.
- PFC Document FISH contact model.
- PFC Document and include the C++ Contact Model Plugin utility.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix wedge cut plotting.
- Fix range parsing when using the BY keyword.
- FLAC3D Fix interface logic for fluid implicit solver.
- 3DEC Fix common plane bug.
- PFC Fix interpolation in the spring network model.

137 Mai 18, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update security logic.
- add FISH intrinsics and and corresponding python accesses.
- Increase max iterations from 50 to 100 for FOS calculation with keyword "bracket-limit".
- FLAC3D Remove the upper limit of constant-alpha in Plastic-Hardening model.
- 3DEC Change SHMohr joint constitutive model to maintain current friction when slipping stops.
- 3DEC Now load SELPython module.
- 3DEC Add flowplane vertex list command.
- 3DEC Add FISH intrinsic block.subcontact.state.string.

Bug Fixes:
- 3DEC Fix to softening-healing joint model.
- 3DEC Changed fragment calculation so that the fragment ids correspond to the volume (1 = largest).
- PFC Fix bug in rblock distribute command.
- PFC Fix regression when restoring a save file from version 6.0.

136 Apr. 28, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update security logic.
- Optimization for a model with many geometry sets.
- Add grout friction and cohesion table-like properties for cable.
- 3DEC Add a new nonlinear joint model.
- FLAC3D Add error notifications when separating faces connected to face apply conditions (stress) as well as face gp apply conditions (velocity).
- PFC Add tensor support to the base plotitems used in PFC with quantities.
- PFC Add rblock.facet.isgroup and FISH intrinsics.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix range logic of rectangle and ellipse with an apex (pyramid-like).
- Fix possible crash when plotting model properties.
- Fix crash bug in interface plots if you activate a cut plane with solid off.
- Fix bug in fracture temperature dip-direction-limits command.
- 3DEC Fix random crash with plotting.
- FLAC3D Allow assignment of FISH intrinsics gp.force.load and gp.mass.add be thread-safe.
- FLAC3D Fix interface creation when two sides have different zone sizes.

135 März 31, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update security logic.
- 3DEC Add block initialize rvelocity command.
- 3DEC Add rockbolt example and document.
- FLAC3D Remove the property "index-softening" from NorSand model.
- FLAC3D Add a property "exponent" to P2PSand model.
- PFC Add the ball accumulate-stress and clump accumulate-stress commands.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix re-population of the list during cycling.
- 3DEC Fix bug in cables plastic tensile strain was not being saved.
- 3DEC Fix bug in flowplane zone list command.
- 3DEC Fix bug in block plotting.
- 3DEC Fix hybrid bolt bug that dowels were not installed on joined joints.
- 3DEC Fix bug in block.go.temp FISH intrinsic.
- PFC Fix relative velocity computation in periodic space.

134 März 23, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update security logic.
- 3DEC Add histories for hydraulic and mechanical aperture.
- FLAC3D improve searching target zone of interface node
- FLAC3D Add an error massage when initializing stress without assigning a non-null constitutive model.
- PFC Add ability to specify groups to inlet particles.
- PFC Allow cutting at any point of the cycle sequence and speed up contact detection.
- PFC Update springnetwork model.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix string comparison difference.
- Fix the FISH Global symbol control set when it is the only set on the screen.
- 3DEC Fix archiving and plot commands for block group plot item.
- 3DEC Fix bug in flowplane pressure plotting.
- 3DEC Fixes to block.gridpoint.apply-remove.vel-n command.
- PFC Fix potential issues when rotating model components with the inlet logic.
- PFC Fix 2D issues on rigid block, rblock, getJointGeometry and stress installation.
- PFC Fix bug with incrementally updating contact information in periodic space.
- PFC Fix the keep-contact issue.

133 März 5, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Add the ability in Python to use group indices.
- Make the velocity and displacement range elements applicable to all codes.
- Cut plane improvements.
- PFC Add springnetwork example in 3D.
- PFC Change code status to PRE-RELEASE from BETA.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix group.find and group.find.slot documentation.
- Fix crash when deleting groups.
- Fix 2D cellspace bug.
- 3DEC Fix configure in the Options menu in 3DEC.
- 3DEC Fix bug in joint plotting.
- 3DEC Fix bug in calculation of solve ratio when SELs are present in 3DEC.
- FLAC3D Fix properties not visible in Inline Help.
- PFC Fix importing multiple bricks from file.

132 Feb. 23, 2021

New features and improvements:

  • Ongoing documentation improvements.
  • Add the FRACTURE JOINT-SET command similar to the BLOCK JOINT-SET command in 3DEC.
  • 3DEC Increase block limit for demo version from 40 to 50.
  • 3DEC Added face groups to BLOCK LIST POLY output.
  • 3DEC Speed up gridpoint group range by adding gridpoint-face links.
  • 3DEC Improve new zoning command, adding the CLEAR and LIST keywords to the BLOCK ZONE SIZE command.
  • 3DEC Add the softening healing creep joint model.
  • FLAC3D Allow users to DELETE zones without a license.
  • PFC Version 7.00 has been moved to Pre-Release.
  • PFC Add clump.stress FISH intrinsic and make all clump FISH intrinsics multi-threaded.
  • PFC All computational modules are loaded as with FLAC3D.
  • PFC Add rotating/translating inlet logic for particle creation.
  • PFC Add more robust rblock aspect ratio computation.
  • PFC Expand PFC histories to support tensors and vectors using the COMPONENT and QUANTITY keywords.
  • PFC Expand PFC histories to support extra variables.
  • PFC Add simple stress apply conditions for rblock facets.
  • PFC Add the RBLOCK DENSIFY command to refine the size of rblocks through recursive cutting.
  • PFC Add the RBLOCK DILATE command to dilate by a specified distance without rounding.
  • PFC Reduce the number of properties when plotting PFC contacts.
  • PFC Update the dip and dip-direction properties immediately for smoothjoint contacts when then geometry is updated.
  • PFC Add the INITIALIZE method to the flatjoint contact to install a force and a moment when bonded.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix movie export bug.
  • Fix the domain.strain.rate FISH intrinsic.
  • Fix bug that can cause cut-planes to have holes.
  • Fix dynamic wizard issue on high resolution monitors.
  • 3DEC Fix BLOCK FRAGMENT command.
  • 3DEC Fix command conversion for FRAGMENT command.
  • 3DEC Fix bug that may cause errors when very large merged blocks area present.
  • 3DEC Fix bug in subcontact history when specifying dip and dip-direction.
  • FLAC3D Fix determinism bug in ZONE INITIALIZE-STRESS command.
  • FLAC3D Fix save/restore of the StressTensor apply condition used in the EMBEDDED BOUNDARY command.
  • FLAC3D Fix fluid computations.
  • FLAC3D Fix 2D structure plot item that displays the maximum outer-fiber stress.
  • PFC Fix closest point on rblock in 2D for contact resolution with spheres.
  • PFC Fix FISH intrinsic.
  • PFC Fix clump issue with FISH intrinsic.
  • PFC Fix crash bug with clump domain contacts when breaking the clumps.
  • PFC Fix rblock structural element issue with mixed deformable/rigid connections.
  • PFC Fix bugs when importing rblocks from grid files.
  • PFC Fix rblock deletion bug.
  • PFC Fix keyword mismatch in BALL TRACTION command.

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