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Latest Version: 4.00.201 (Description)
Released On: Freitag, Feb. 7, 2014

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PFC2D 4.00 64-bit Update
PFC3D 4.00 64-bit Update

Software Update Revisions

Revision Date Description
201 Feb. 7, 2014
  • Change made to PFC Fishtank 1-120 (see fist.txt).
200 Nov. 5, 2013
  • Note: subversion 199 was intentionally skipped.
  • Changes to only the Basic Fluid Analysis Option (BFAO) and the Coupled CFD Add-on (CCFD), which are summarized as follows:
    • BFAO: Convergence criteria change,
    • CCFD: Clump mode added,
    • CCFD: Polyhedron porosity calculation method improved,
    • CCFD: Scale mode added,
    • CCFD: Porosity lower limit is user settable, and
    • CCFD: New manual material.
  • A full description of the changes is given in the {FLUID MODIFICATIONS} sections of pfc2d40manual_mods.pdf and pfc3d40manual_mods.pdf.
198 Juni 25, 2013
  • Two items:
    • (1) Fix PFC2D-only bug in domain-identification logic in file DOM.FIS [ dthet = atan2(abs(cc),bb^2 ) ==> dthet = atan2(abs(cc),abs(bb)) ] used by scheme in Section 7.2 "Fluid formulation for PFC2D" in Verification Problems volume of PFC2D 4.0 manual. The bug relates to computation of max angle when sorting contacts around a ball. The identified domains appear to be the same after the bug fix as before the bug fix.
    • (2) Add 3D flat-jointed material to PFC3D and PFC3D_EV --- see relevant memoes in fist\BPMdocs.
197 Apr. 30, 2013
  • Change made to PFC Fishtank 1-118 (support for PFC2D flat-jointed material that supersedes all previous support --- see fist.txt).
196 Nov. 28, 2012
  • Change made to PFC Fishtank 1-117 (see fist.txt).
195 Nov. 15, 2012
  • Change made to PFC Fishtank 1-116 (see fist.txt).
194 Juli 27, 2012
  • Upgrade the PFC2D flat joint contact model to become udm_FlatJoint version 2 --- see entry for fist 1-115.
193 Mai 29, 2012
  • This modification affects the user-defined contact model (UDM) option, and requires that DLLs built with this option be rebuilt. The modification provides a new capability to PFC3D UDM users.
  • A new method (ICodeFunc::keepOnCP) has been added to the UDM interface to provide a means of rotating a vector V (which is expressed in the global coordinate system and lies on the contact plane) to account for rigid-body motion of the contacting surfaces. The rotation is defined by Eqns. (1.11) & (1.12) in the Theory & Background volume of the PFC3D 4.0 manual, and also includes a rescaling of V so that its magnitude does not change. By applying this rotation to V within the FDLaw method, one ensures that V remains fixed w.r.t. the contact plane.
192 Apr. 30, 2012
  • Three items:
    • (1) Add memo describing the parallel-bonded and flat-jointed materials provided in PFC2D 4.0 (Potyondy, 2012), in PFC2D executable directory as BPM-PFC2D.pdf. [Potyondy, D. (2012) "PFC2D Bonded-Particle Materials," Technical Memorandum ICG7301-L, April 26.]
    • (2) Modify user-defined contact model logic to return the real masses of the two contacting entities (see Section MODIFICATIONS TO THE USER-DEFINED CONTACT MODELS OPTION in pfc{2,3}d40manual_mods.pdf).
    • (3) Change made to PFC Fishtank 1-114 (see fist.txt).
191 Jan. 31, 2012
  • Change made to PFC Fishtank 1-113: Add templates\PressureBC-3d --- see Potyondy (2012). [Potyondy, D. (2012) "PFC3D Pressure Boundary Condition," ICG7233-L, January 30.]
190 Sep. 19, 2011
  • Support direct specification of ball mass properties (see pfc{2d,3d}40manual_mods.pdf, section "DIRECT SPECIFICATION OF BALL MASS PROPERTIES").
189 Juli 28, 2011
  • Add the PFC2D flat joint contact model and support for this model (see Section 17.0 FLAT JOINT CONTACT MODEL in pfc2d40manual_mods.pdf).
188 Juli 26, 2011
  • Three items:
    • (1) fixed bug in parallel-bond logic, before the fix, parallel bonds would be deleted if assigned a zero stiffness;
    • (2) modified periodic logic to enforce that (a) group and extra information are transfered prior to any contact creation when a ball migrates across the periodic boundary, (b) contact model and contact model properties are transfered properly when a contact migrates across the periodic boundary; and
    • (3) fix bug affecting PFC3D_EV, before the fix, contact-related plot items would not regenerate properly to reflect change in contact geometry.
187 Apr. 25, 2011
  • Bug fix to PFC3D and PFC3D_EV 4.0, the General Walls with type DISK were not restoring properly.
186 Apr. 12, 2011
  • Change made to PFC Fishtank 1-111: Fix bug in enhanced FLAC-PFC2D coupling logic to ensure that FLAC supports excavation through the coupling boundary for all possible FLAC grids.
185 März 10, 2011
  • Two items:
    • (1) Speedup the timestep determination procedure in the case of a loosely connected assembly using the Hertz contact model; and
    • (2) update the PFC Fishtank 1-110 to add gap-based plotting of PFC2D cracks.
184 Feb. 4, 2011
  • Two items:
    • (1) Enable the Periodic Space logic to transfer contact stiffness and friction when the built-in Linear contact model is used (this is necessary if these properties have been modified by the user, and their values do not correspond to the values inherited from the contacting balls properties); and
    • (2) update the linear user-defined model example to use the features added in release 183.
183 Jan. 31, 2011
  • Four items:
    • (1) Modifications to the User-Defined Contact Models option (see pfc{2d,3d}40manual_mods.pdf, section "MODIFICATION TO THE USER_DEFINED CONTACT MODELS OPTION");
    • (2) the exisiting user-defined models have been updated;
    • (3) bug fix in the burger UDM, the shear relative displacement (Kelvin part) at the previous timestep is now rotated to accomodate the rotation of the shear force direction before computing the new force; and
    • (4) minor bug fixes to the EV option (3D only).
182 Dez. 2, 2010
  • Three items:
    • (1) Fixed bug affecting PFC3D_EV 32bit version, if installed on 64 bit platform the "Help->Manual" link would not work properly;
    • (2) fix problem with the automatic version number comparison for online update check in PFC3D_EV; and
    • (3) rebuild components for PFC3D and PFC3D_EV 4.0 release onto Itasca CD 25A.

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