Analyses of Embankment Dams and Slopes Using FLAC

Analyses of Embankment Dams and Slopes Using FLAC

This course is developed for those with little or no FLAC experience. Attendance is limited to ensure maximum interaction between attendees and instructor.

  • Zoom video conferencing used for delivering presentations and providing computer-to-computer assistance during FLAC modeling tutorials
  • Shared Dropbox used during course for storing presentations, modeling files, and references
  • A full FLAC 8.1 version will be available to each student for the duration of the course (provided courtesy of Itasca Consulting Group Inc.)
  • This course is approved by Itasca Consulting Group.

December 4, 8, 11, 18 • 2020, 8 AM – Noon (PST)

16 hours total of synchronous hands-on training separated over four days over a 1½-week period.

Day 1 (December 4)

Module 1: Numerical and Constitutive Modeling and FISH

Day 2 (December 8)

Module 2: Advanced Constitutive Modeling

Day 3 (December 11)

Module 3: Two-Dimensional Analyses

Day 4 (December 18)

Module 4: Seismic Analyses of Embankment Dams

  • Each day will be split into short presentations and longer analysis tutorials using FLAC.
  • During the 1.5-week training period, Instructor will be available for follow-up questions regarding FLAC and numerical modeling.
  • As well, supporting videos and additional exercises will be made available during the training period to further support participants' learning.


Itasca Consulting Group is pleased to collaborate with Dr. Richard Armstrong on this course.

Dr. Richard Armstrong is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at CSU, Sacramento and serves as an on-call Senior Engineer at GEI Consultants Inc.

Specializing in geotechnical earthquake engineering, Dr. Armstrong has research and project experience in the seismic evaluation of dams and other water-resource structures.

He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in mechanics, computer programming, and geotechnical earthquake engineering. He also provides training in geotechnical modeling using FLAC (Itasca Consulting Group).

Dr. Armstrong is a member of ASCE, EERI, ASDSO, and USSD. He serves as a committee member on the USSD Earthquakes Committee.


Course Details

Presented by Dr. Richard Armstrong of CSU, Sacramento
04.12.2020 - 18.12.2020

Language: English

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