Environmental Field Services

Itasca has broad knowledge and experience in conducting field and laboratory investigations to obtain hydrogeologic and geochemical data, ranging from routine site monitoring to conducting aquifer tests.

Field services include:

  • Conducting field sampling of water, rock, and soil for chemistry analysis
  • Installing pumping (injection and extraction) wells, monitoring wells, and standpipe or grouted-in vibrating-wire transducer piezometers
  • Conducting field tests (pumping, injection, drill stem air-lift tests, packer tests, etc.) for the estimation of aquifer hydraulic parameters
  • Conducting vadose-zone studies for infiltration, gaseous transport, and chemical transport;
  • Installing surface-water and vadose-zone monitoring systems (gages, flumes, dedicated pumps, lysimeters, etc.)
  • Characterizing mine wastes to evaluate the potential development of acid rock drainage and the leaching potentials of metals using laboratory and field-scale testing

Collecting and evaluating operational data from soil and groundwater remediation systems

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